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World Cleanup Day 2020: Let’s Do It World Annual Report

The Let's Do It World annual report has been published. Despite the difficult global circumstances, a huge impact was made during the 2020 World Cleanup Day event.

World Cleanup Day is an annual global social action program aimed at combating the global solid waste problem, including the problem of marine debris. It is coordinated by the global organisation Let's Do It World. The Skill Mill was the UK lead for the event.

During World Cleanup Day 2020:

- 11 million volunteers took part

- 166 countries got involved

- 43,000 tonnes of waste were collected

- 33 million hours were designated to picking up trash

- 12 million cigarette butts were picked up

- 12 billion litres of water were saved from being polluted

- 156 billion people saw our message

A special focus of World Cleanup Day in 2020 was on cigarette butts—the single most common toxic piece of waste around us. There are 6 trillion cigarette butts produced each year, and 4.5 trillion of them end up in natural habitats and water bodies. During the 2020 campaign, volunteers reported picking up tens of millions of cigarette butts from natural environments. The biggest impact of the cigarette butt campaign is increased knowledge, awareness and improved social norms. Millions of people came together to say out loud: “Stop the cigarette butt littering!”. As well as increasing awareness, we are also about to introduce portable ashtrays as an everyday companion for every single smoker’s pocket.

Follow World Cleanup Day UK on Facebook and Twitter, or view our official project page. Keep checking in for information on how to get involved in World Cleanup Day 2021.


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