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Who We Are

The Skill Mill is a multi-award-winning social enterprise which provides employment opportunities for young people aged between sixteen and eighteen. We employ only ex-offenders, actively reducing reoffending whilst increasing engagement, participation, employability and educational levels of the young people to increase their life chances.  The Skill Mill is supported by an Advisory Board of representatives from the public, private and voluntary sectors. It is this partnership which makes the Skill Mill unique and brings significant added value.

What We Do

  1. We work with local YOTs to identify and work with young people in the youth justice system who face significant barriers to gaining employment;

  2. Every you young person engaged in the Skill Mill is supported through six months of paid work experience as part of a team of four young people led by a qualified team leader;

  3. Each team works on a range of unique projects linked to environmental management - this ranges from building fish ladders in Northumberland to helping to transform brownfield sites into a community asset in Leeds;

  4. In addition to obtaining important basic qualifications every young person gains invaluable work and life experience with an emphasis upon taking responsibility for themselves and their decisions;

  5. We have a relentless focus upon tracking our impact and seeking to ensure every young person goes on to long term employment and away from the otherwise inevitable transition into the adult criminal justice system;

  6. Over the last ten years we have worked with over 450 young people and less than 8% have reoffended.

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Our Aims



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