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  Key Documents  

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A DECADE OF DESISTANCE - The Skill Mill's Impact Report

'Do Flood Mitigation and Natural Habitat Protection Employment Reduce Youth Offending?' A Report from the European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research

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Second chances at work: a case study of a Equans' partnership with The Skill Mill a Social Enterprise employing ex-offenders 

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Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Probation Inspection Report: Youth Offending Services in Surrey March 2022

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Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Probation Annual Report: Inspection of youth offending services (2019 - 2020). Page 16 

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Exploring Social Investment: International Network for Data on Impact and Government Outcomes. GoLab and The Big Issue Invest January 2021

Children and Yong People Now  “special edition” on reducing reoffending – policy and practice. Page 38

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Co-producing Justice: International Social Economy Network: Programme Report March 2019

What people say about us

'Sustainable Development in ESF 2007-2013' European Social Fund p20 

'Reach for the Moon'  Dr. Katri-Liis Reimann and David Parks

 Kiviaeg ja lend Kuule kriminaalpoliitikas 

Journal of Applied Youth Studies  'Projects and Practice' David Parks and Rob White p95 - 100

'Newcastle 2020: Investing for a fairer future' 5.2 Inclusion

City Success: The Skill Mill p38 

'Greening Justice:Examining the Interfaces of Criminal, Social and Ecological Justice' Rob White and Hannah Graham 

'Review of the Youth Justice System in England and Wales' Ministry of Justice p8 

Eurocities: 'Social Investment in Cities' Newcastle Case Study'

David Parks 

The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012: One Year On p7 

Defra June 2014:

Funding Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management Maintenance: Learning from Existing and Past Practice p21 

Local Government Association: Youth Justice Resource Pack p27 


'Big Fish in Small Streams'

Peter Kerr from the environment agency explains his role in the inception of The Skill Mill

'Rags to Ditches'

Rob Webb tells us how his involvement with the Skill Mill rekindled his belief in the ability of a social enterprise to work for the benefit of its community.


Inclusivity and Equality: 

David Parks from the skill mill talks to Plains fm  Christchurch, New Zealand in November 2017

Achieving Change in the Community: David Parks from the Skill Mill talks to Plains fm Christchurch, New Zealand in

November 2017

Breaking the Cycle of Youth Offending:

David Parks talks to Radio NZ 9 to noon show about The Skill Mill 

October 2017

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