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Gro-Organic is a C.I.C in the West Midlands. The team have been rebuilding Gro-Organic's unique WW2 Victory Garden.

"Gro-Organic have recently worked with young people from Skill Mill to clear up and develop an over grown green space for adults with additional needs and tidy up gardens for local residents who are unable to themselves. The young people who worked with us did a thorough job. I was really impressed by their professionalism and the care these young people took. Thank you so much for all your hard work and we look forward to working with you all again soon."

Tal Arrowsmith at Gro-Organic C.I.C.


Building Vegetable Beds

The team have been busy building vegetable beds. Beds are great for growing small plots of vegetables and flowers. They keep pathway weeds from your garden soil, prevent soil compaction, provide good drainage, and serve as a barrier to pests such as slugs and snails.

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