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The Skill Mill Croydon: Local Community Grant

The Skill Mill Croydon have received a 'Local Community Grant' from Kenley Co-op store. The funding has been used for environmental improvements in local parks.

The Co-op aim to build stronger and more resilient communities by offering:

  • Fairer access to food

  • Fairer access to mental wellbeing services

  • Fairer access to education & employment for young people

The Skill Mill supports young men and women out of the criminal justice system, through paid employment, undertaking meaningful physical work and improving the natural environment. Employment on the scheme provides a structured environment where the combination of drug and alcohol are not acceptable. As such the ongoing work provides an opportunity for reduced drug and alcohol intake leading to direct benefits for the individuals concerned with positive follow on impacts to their communities. The Skill Mill offers employment which is primarily outdoors and physically challenging. The combination of physical work in nature has demonstrable physical and mental health and wellbeing benefits.

The images below show the team making improvements around Croydon. Follow @SkillMill_Croy on Twitter for more updates.


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