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Severn Trent Community Fund: Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022

The Skill Mill has been awarded a grant from the Severn Trent Community Fund to support work in Birmingham.

Severn Trent has launched a partnership with the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. The water and waste company is the Official Nature and Carbon Neutral Supporter of the Games - assisting Birmingham 2022 in their pledge to leave a carbon-neutral legacy.

Severn Trent called on their customers to vote for their favourite project. The projects which were listed in the vote were those that reduce carbon and help communities care for nature through these three key themes:

• Green spaces – projects that create and enhance green spaces and offset carbon;

• Recycling and making the most of resources – projects that help reduce the carbon footprint of community spaces and activities;

• Water saving heroes – projects that preserve water and reduce water use.

The Skill Mill would like to say thank you to those who supported us, and those who voted for us. We look forward to sharing updates of our upcoming work, and keeping you informed of what our young people achieve. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.


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