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Severn Trent Community Fund

The Skill Mill has been awarded a grant from the Severn Trent Community Fund to support work in Nottingham. The Severn Trent Community Fund looks to support projects that aim to improve community wellbeing, focusing on three key elements:

  • People: projects that help people to lead a healthier life and gain new skills.

  • Places: projects that help to create better places to live in and use.

  • Environment: projects that will help look after our natural environment, give people greater access to that environment or help look after water.

The grant will be used by The Skill Mill Nottingham to carry out a number of environmental improvements for the East Midlands Canal and River Trust at the Nottingham Beeston Canal. You can find out more about The Skill Mill's partnership with the Canal and River Trust by clicking here.

You can keep up to date with The Skill Mill Nottingham by following @SkillMill_Notts on Twitter or visiting their webpage.

The Canal and River Trust was launched in 2012, taking over the guardianship of British Waterways’ canals, rivers, reservoirs and docks in England and Wales - and heralding the next chapter in the renaissance of the waterways. They make sure that 2,980 bridges, 1,580 locks and 335 aqueducts are open and ready for use all day, every day. They also build stronger communities by giving people the chance to protect and improve the places that matter to them.

The Skill Mill

The Skill Mill provides employment opportunities in water and land based management, helping to reduce flood risk and improve the local environment. In turn, this brings social and environmental benefits to communities by involving local people directly in the delivery of services. Children undertake accredited training and achieve a nationally recognised qualification. They acquire knowledge and skills by working alongside local private contractors and partners. Follow on employment opportunities with partner organisations and the wider labour market are sought for each employee and support towards this goal is provided from the outset. Each cohort receives six months paid employment, invaluable practical real work experience, a nationally recognised qualification, and further opportunities for progression with local companies at the end of their time with The Skill Mill.


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