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Canal and River Trust

The Skill Mill has recently partnered with the Canal and River Trust, giving our young people the opportunity to carry out entry level tasks which will improve the local environment.

The Canal and River Trust was launched in 2012, taking over the guardianship of British Waterways’ canals, rivers, reservoirs and docks in England and Wales - and heralding the next chapter in the renaissance of the waterways. The Skill Mill provides employment opportunities in water and land based management. Young people undertake accredited training and achieve a nationally recognised qualification. They acquire knowledge and skills by working alongside local private contractors and partners.

The partnership has been a great success so far, and we've received some really positive feedback.

"I must say that I’ve personally been really impressed with the work carried out so far by the young people.  What they have done in the short time they’ve been down by the canal so far has made a massive impact – the site looks brilliant and its made a real impact to the Meadow Lane site.  All the work has been conducted to a high standard, and they have all acted extremely professionally whilst they have been with us. I’m really looking forward to seeing what else they achieve."

Andrew Stone, East Midlands Canal and River Trust

If you would like to work with The Skill Mill, please contact us. You can also take advantage of our half price offer throughout November.


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