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A Decade of Desistance: The Skill Mill Publishes Impact Report

In February, The Skill Mill celebrated its 10th anniversary, marking a decade of fostering positive changes not just for young people but also for society and the environment as a whole.

To commemorate our achievements, we've published an impact report that highlights the significant difference we're making.

Here are the simple facts from the impact report:

  • For every pound we invest, we see a return of at least £5 in benefits.

  • The re-conviction rate is just 7.3%, a stark contrast to the national average of 63.8% for young people under 18 in England and Wales.

But why does this matter?

The impact of our work extends beyond the immediate benefit to these young individuals. There's a broader ripple effect to consider. The reduction in reoffending results in an estimated saving of £30 million - this is because lower crime rates lead to reduced costs. Since our inception in 2014, 450 young people have worked with us, and 417 of them have not reoffended. This achievement is not only beneficial for them but also for our communities and the environments in which we live.

We invite you to discover more about the work we've conducted over the last ten years. Check out our full impact report here.


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