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The Skill Mill COVID-19: Supporting Local Communities

As you may already know, The Skill Mill has suspended normal operations across our network due to COVID-19. You can read our full update here. However, some of our Skill Mill Supervisors are still able to support local communities in other ways.

Matthew, from The Skill Mill Rochdale/Bury has been supporting members of the community who are currently self-isolating and contacting the Council for support. It is great to hear some positive stories during such difficult times.

A single Mum of three young children ages one, four, and eight was let down by a 'man and van'. Mum needed the last of her belongings moved to a new home, from the flat which the family had previously lived in. Mum's partner is away at the moment, leaving the family with no help. Matthew put The Skill Mill's vehicle to good use, transporting boxes, children's toys, and last bits from her old address. Mum had also bought a toddler bed on Ebay which Matthew managed to collect for her and deliver it to the new family home.

A single Mum of four who has recently recovered from cancer treatment was selling her home. Mum had been advised by solicitors to complete the sale, despite Government advice to stay indoors due to being in the high risk category. This was causing Mum a great deal of anxiety, as she was under a huge amount of pressure to move home within three days, in order to complete the house sale. To add to Mum's stress, she was also let down by 'man and van'. Matthew again put The Skill Mill's vehicle to good use, transporting the families belongings to a storage centre. This has enabled Mum to self-isolate with her friend and children. The house sale has now been completed on time.

A young Mum of a new born baby had chosen to self-isolate with the support of her Grandmother. Mum had no way of transporting her essential belongings, including a large amount of baby equipment. Matthew again managed to use The Skill Mill's vehicle to transport everything Mum needed to her Grandmother's home, where she is now self-isolating with her young baby.

Further to this, The Skill Mill have been supporting young people who are subject to court orders, checking on their welfare and compliance with instructions to stay at home, directed by Rochdale Youth Justice Service.

Keep checking our website for updates of other support which we have been able to offer to communities whilst our operations are suspended.

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