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The Benefits of Nature

Scientific studies continue to show that spending time amid trees can bring manifold physical and psychological benefits. A recently published article has focused on the benefits for both younger and older people.

Researchers claim and that spending time in nature improves the mental focus of both younger and older people, with this power now being harnessed in wellness programmes. They point out that it is a way of tackling youth behaviour problems.

The young people who are employed by The Skill Mill spend a great deal of time in woodland. They also pick up crafts and skills such as tree planting, whilst learning about the natural environment. The impact on reoffending rates continues to be amazing, whilst the young people also benefit from improved wellbeing and increased levels of confidence.

A further study found that the benefits of nature continue beyond the time scale of such programmes. This study measured the happiness and health levels of a group of people prior to their participation in a nature programme, during the programme, and afterwards. The findings showed that happiness and health levels improved during participation in the programme, and were sustained for months after the programme had been completed.

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