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Today is 'Social Enterprise Day' #WhoKnew

#WhoKnew is a campaign which takes place on 'Social Enterprise Day', the Thursday of 'Global Entrepreneurship Week'. It is designed to give social enterprises the chance to tell their stories, to show what makes them different from traditional businesses and to shout about the impact of their work.

The Skill Mill is a multi-award-winning social enterprise which provides employment opportunities for young people aged between sixteen and eighteen. We employ only ex-offenders, actively reducing reoffending whilst increasing engagement, participation, employability and educational levels of the young people to increase their life chances.

The social impact which is achieved through our work is enormous. Reoffending is reduced whilst community safety is increased. The young people who we worth with benefit from improved skills and confidence, which widens their future opportunities and reduces their risk of social exclusion during adulthood. Our work is outdoors, which means time spent in nature is another significant positive aspect. The mental health benefits include improved mood, reduced feelings of stress and anger, and improved self-esteem as well as the obvious physical health benefits from doing active practical work.

You can support us during Social Enterprise Day on Twitter by engaging with our posts.

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