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Buy Social for a Better World

'The 'Buy Social for a Better World' campaign was held last week (7th - 12th October 2019) by Social Enterprise UK. It is a campaign which celebrates social enterprises, shining a spotlight on the incredible difference they make. The message of the campaign is simple – when you Buy Social, it creates a positive impact.

The Skill Mill are a Social Enterprise which provides employment opportunities for young people aged 16-18, whilst actively reducing reoffending. The week was a chance for us to celebrate the incredible positive impact which we make. We undertake water and land based management tasks, helping to reduce flood risks and improve the local environment. The Skill Mill also brings social and environmental benefits to communities by involving local people directly in the delivery of services and making local areas safer.

You can support us by sharing what we do with others, or mentioning us when you are using Facebook or Twitter. You can also find out more about buying on social on the Social Enterprise UK 'Buy Social Platform'.

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