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Northumbrian Water Innovation Festival 2019

Last week, The Skill Mill attended Northumbrian Water's 'Innovation Festival'. The week was a huge success, being one of the biggest Festivals of Innovation the world has ever seen. More than 3,000 people from nearly 700 leading organisations around the globe were there! The aim of the event was to come up with innovative solutions to some of the biggest and hard-hitting challenges faced by society and the environment, within five action-packed days. Industry professionals were joined by engineers, local businesses, students, designers and members of the public, to focus on key issues. You can catch up on the highlights from each day by clicking here.

Keith Appleton from Durham Skill Mill delivered an outstanding presentation, describing how The Skill Mill reduces reoffending whilst getting young people into employment. The positive impact which The Skill Mill has on communities and the environment is unique, and the festival was an incredible opportunity to share this with people from a variation of backgrounds.

Festival Founder and Northumbrian Water Group Information Services Director, Nigel Watson said:

"It’s just absolutely incredible to think we’ve seen people come from all over the world to join us here in the North East, to focus on innovation and to help us make a difference. All 3,000 of our festival guests have worked incredibly hard and I’d like to thank all of our sponsors, our partners and our guests who helped make it happen and contributed".

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