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The Skill Mill signs the University of Cambridge 'Catchment Management Declaration'

We are delighted to let you all know that The Skill Mill has signed the Catchment Management Declaration, alongside leading organisations: Coca Cola, Asda, and M&S. The Catchment Management Declaration, was founded by Cambridge University's Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Our partnership organisations, Northumbrian Water and Yorkshire Water have signed the declaration too!

The Catchment Management Declaration is a collaborative initiative that will create multi-sector water management. It is designed to bring together businesses from across sectors with stakeholders from UK governments and NGOs to tackle the collective challenge of water stresses through catchment management. It aims to positively respond to the 25 Year Environment Plan; to create connections between existing initiatives; and to create real practical actions.

The declaration consists of six principles. It acknowledges that change cannot be achieved by a few regulatory tweaks, nor can any single sector or government agency, working in isolation, deliver this change. Catchment solutions are multi-sector and highly interconnected.

You can find out more about the declaration by clicking here.

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