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The UN Added World Cleanup Day As Its Official Calendar Day

World Cleanup Day will take place on 20th September in the UK and worldwide

The United Nations General Assembly recently recognised the significance of this movement by officially adopting World Cleanup Day into its calendar on 20th September. It serves as a call to action for governments, organisations, and individuals worldwide to come together to clean our planet and protect our shared environment. World Cleanup Day is a civic initiative that has united people across the world in the fight against pollution. It aims to activate 5% of the world's population, catalysing lasting societal change in behaviour around mismanaged waste.

The idea behind a cleanup is simple and inclusive. Anyone can organise their own cleanup or get involved in one already organised; and everyone can choose what, where, and how much to pick up.

In the UK, World Cleanup Day is being coordinated by The Skill Mill, the UK-based Social Enterprise which exclusively employs young ex-offenders in environmental work, trains them, increases their life chances, and thus drastically reduces reoffending rates.

World Cleanup Day 2023 marked the largest mass participation cleanup event in our country's history, with over 80,000 people taking part. This year, our aim is to make it even bigger, with a goal of engaging >5% of the population which would represent a societal shift. The UN's endorsement underscores the vital role of World Cleanup Day in promoting environmental stewardship and sustainability on a global scale. By working together and getting involved, we use this global platform to emphasise the UK's dedication to environmental conservation and sustainability.

Reflecting on the initiative’s impact, David Parks, Managing Director of The Skill Mill stated, “World Cleanup Day is more than just an event; it’s a powerful global movement bringing communities together to make a real difference in our world. The Skill Mill is honoured to have been chosen to lead the charge in the UK, proving that through collective action, we can achieve monumental change. The United Nation’s endorsement is a testament to the importance of our mission.

To Government and Commercial organisations our message is clear: the challenge of environmental conservation requires our united front. World Cleanup Day offers a unique platform for collaboration on a global scale fostering partnerships that transcend national boundaries. We urge you to join us lending your support, resources and influence and we are excited to see even more people join us this year in our efforts to not only clean up the planet but also lay the foundations for lasting environmental stewardship by young people. A more sustainable world is within our reach. To sign up for a cleanup, please visit the World Cleanup Day UK webpage or contact


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