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The Skill Mill West Sussex train with National Park Rangers

Our Skill Mill West Sussex team have again been working at South Downs National Park, helping and training with National Park Rangers to keep it as green as possible!

South Downs National Park is without doubt one of the most breathtaking parks in the UK, with rolling hills, glorious heathland, river valleys, ancient woodland, thriving villages and market towns, and the iconic white cliffs of the Heritage Coast.

Our amazing West Sussex team has again had the opportunity to help preserve and improve this incredible park whilst gaining valuable skills from the National Park Rangers.

This isn't the first time our West Sussex team has worked at South Downs and it certainly won't be the last either. 25% of the South Downs is managed for nature - the aim is to this to 33% by 2030 and our hope is that our team can be as involved in that process as possible.

The Skill Mill is first and foremost an environmental services organisation. It provides services which care for the maintenance of local urban green spaces and also rural land maintenance. Our young employees are enjoying working with the team at The South Downs National Park. It's a fantastic opportunity for our team to work alongside experienced staff, exploring future job roles and gaining valuable and transferable skills.

For more updates follow @SkillMillWestSX.


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