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Bring Back the Denes Project

The Skill Mill Durham have been cleaning up local areas as part of the Bring Back the Denes project. The project has been operational since 2019, and The Skill Mill has continuously worked in partnership with Peterlee Town Council.

Peterlee is a vibrant town with a population of around 23,000, set amongst a stunning local environment. The town is built on rolling hills overlooking the Durham limestone coast to our east and and surrounded by rural farmland to our north, west and south. The Skill Mill provides services which care for the maintenance of local urban green spaces and also rural land maintenance. Work is undertaken to reduce flood risk arising from increased risk through climate change.

The project aims to reduce anti-social behaviour by cleaning up local parks and green spaces. Research by the University of York has found that being outdoors and spending time in parks has significant health benefits, but only if the areas feel safe and the spaces are well maintained. The Skill Mill is committed to protecting natural habitats and managing woodland sustainably. Tree planting, habitat building, vegetation cleanups and litter picking are just a few of the activities which are frequently carried out across our teams. We are committed to connecting people to nature, and promote the protection of green spaces!

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