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The Skill Mill Durham Resume Operations

The Skill Mill Durham successfully resumed operations last week, shortly after the return of our Leeds site. The Skill Mill has devised a plan the intention of which is to provide a standardised approach to commencing projects in England which incorporates the COVID-19 public health requirements.

The Skill Mill Durham has provided life changing opportunities for young ex-offenders for three years. The impact on reoffending rates in County Durham has continued to be outstanding. Getting young people and particularly those at risk into work is going to be very challenging in post COVID-19 world and we are certainly leading the way!

Skill Mill prides itself in its ability to seek out like-minded people and organisations who want to change lives of those most disadvantaged but won’t compromise on quality and standards. Thank you to all the partners who are also struggling at this time and still helping keep Skill Mill operating through this crisis and out the other side.

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