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Announcing Digital Cleanup Day

The Skill Mill is the UK’s lead organisation for World Cleanup Day - part of the Let's Do It World network. As you may already know - for 2020 - Let's Do It World and Earth Day are teaming up! To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we are organising the first ever Digital Cleanup Day on the 22nd of April.

The event is a global and an exciting way of celebrating Earth Day’s special anniversary. So what is a Digital Cleanup?

Digital Cleanup will bring the world’s attention to virtual and digital waste, which unfortunately also affects real life by consuming energy and contributing to production of greenhouse gases. Like material waste, digital applications and files also create waste - namely, the unused, outdated and unnecessary apps, files and even webpages. The carbon footprint of the internet and the systems supporting it account to about 3.7% of global greenhouse emissions, which is similar to the amount produced globally by the airline industry. By cleaning up our digital garbage we help cut down this number and create better habits of managing our digital data.

Digital Cleanup has also many other benefits.:

· Deleting digital waste clears storage space in devices, thus making them faster and saving valuable time.

· An organised digital workspace also has a positive psychological effect, as tidy workplace results in increased focus.

· Decluttering may make inspiration and forgotten ideas to resurface, too.

Everyone interested to join Let’s Do It World in Digital Cleanup and in cleaning and organising their devices can sign up on the website

To participate, clean your devices from useless clutter (like duplicate photos, unused apps, old or unread emails, files you no longer need) and enter the amount of gigabytes you deleted. This way we can observe our collective progress on Digital Cleanup Day.

You can show your support on social media using the hashtags #digitalcleanup, #letsdoitworld and #earthrise. Don’t forget to follow World Cleanup Day UK on Twitter and Facebookand tag us in your posts!

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