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Kirkstall Forge

The Skill Mill Leeds have been busy working at Kirkstall Forge. Kirkstall Forge has been of industrial importance since the 12th century, contributing significantly to Leeds reputation. As part of Kirkstall Forge’s sustainability and social values policy, they provide outstanding facilities to kick start careers and offer insights into the inner works of a construction site. In February 2016, Kirkstall Forge partnered with The Skill Mill. Since then, the partnership has provided our young people with brilliant work and training opportunities. You can find out more about the training opportunities which Kirkstall Forge provide under the ‘Skills’ tab on their webpage.

Recently, the young people at The Skill Mill have been working on site as a maintenance team. In doing so, they undertake a variation of tasks such as: erecting Heras fencing; re-aligning traffic barriers; ‘tagging Heras fencing; cutting back shrubbery; and generally keeping the site tidy. The positive feedback which the team have received has a large impact on the confidence and self-esteem levels of our young people. The images below have been taken on site:

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