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World Cleanup Day 2019 Update

As some of you may know, The Skill Mill are working in collaboration with Northumbria University as the UK lead for World Cleanup Day 2019. The event, which attracted over 17 million people last year, will take place in over 150 countries worldwide. The aim of such a massive concerted effort is to raise awareness of litter around us and to encourage everyone to get involved in creating a better environment for all.

Let’s Do It World predicts that World Cleanup Day 2019 will be bigger than ever before, with millions of citizens and tens of companies and organisations joining in the global action. The social media websites (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) have so far attracted interest from both individuals and corporations, with many signing up to the event through our webpage.

On the build up to the event, there has been a large amount of interest and support for the Trash Out app. Let’s Do It World has partnered with TrashOut for WCD 2019 in order to provide all mappers with an easy-to-use smartphone and web app for mapping waste. The app allows people to report any illegally dumped rubbish, by taking a picture and easily reporting it. Environmental organisations, municipalities and interested individuals then receive an email notification. You will then be notified that the dump you've reported has been cleaned up.

Our CrowdFunder campaign has recently been launched. World Cleanup Day harnesses the power of everyday people to achieve incredible things by joining together. Your donation will help us continue our work towards a waste-free world, by providing the infrastructure to support local communities and groups throughout the UK in running their events.

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