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#WhoKnew - Social Enterprise Day 2018

Social enterprise day is on 15th November 2018 this year, and Social Enterprise UK are once again running the #WhoKnew campaign.

#WhoKnew is a campaign which gives us the chance to shout out about the good work we're doing and the difference we're making in the community and beyond. Check out our top 3 #WhoKnew facts, they're things we're proud of...

1.) #WhoKnew that by carrying out land and water based tasks, The Skill Mill improves the environment whilst providing real job opportunities for young people.

2.) #WhoKnew that by moving away from existing high cost contracting to resolve water and land based issues, you are part of reducing reoffending and increasing community safety.

3.) #WhoKnew social enterprises contribute £60 billion every year to the UK economy, whilst performing better economically than traditional firms.

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