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'None have reoffended'

From an article by David Sutherland in Consett magazine:

'The latest figures show that fewer County Durham youngsters than ever have found themselves in trouble with the criminal justice system.

Recent data show that only 119 young people from the county entered the youth justice system between April 2017 and March 2018. This is the lowest number ever recorded.

The figures are from the latest update of the Youth Justice Plan, which will be presented by the County Durham Youth Offending Service (CDYOS) at a Durham County Council cabinet meeting next week.

In addition, the plan draws attention to other achievements, such as a lower rate of reoffending and fewer custodial sentences being handed down to youngsters.

This year has also seen the launch of the Skill Mill, a community interest company which provides young offenders with jobs and training under the supervision of CDYOS.

The first group of young people to work with the Skill Mill have now finished their six-month contracts. Three of them are now in employment and none have reoffended.'

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