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Community Approach Wins Award Recognition

The Skill Mill, in its partnership with Esh Construction, has won a major national award: The Community Project of the Year was announced at the prestigious Water Industry Achievement Awards which involved more than 500 of the water sector’s most innovative and cutting-edge companies and recognises outstanding innovation and best practice across the industry.

Ross Markwell of Esh Construction said: “We’re very proud and honoured to have won this award. The Skill Mill links education, industry, government and business to deal with interlinked social and community problems involving crime, environmental damage, flooding issues and local communities.

“It provides real employment opportunities for vulnerable young people whilst operating in a commercial environment, tendering competitively for many of its contracts. Most recently this has included the young people working in partnership with Esh Construction to play a part in the £1.9m refurbishment of Exhibition Park in Newcastle upon Tyne to refurbish the lake, landscaping and park."

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