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What People Say About Us

"Sean gave me that massive chance to prove that I'm not a criminal and I can work, I'm willing to work, and get up every morning and to do stuff for the environment."

Former Skill Mill employee, now working at the Environment Agency. 

"Your efforts are proven to work & the approach should be shared and adopted across the country."

Professor Roy Sandbach OBE.

“I believe firmly that people who make mistakes should be given the chance to make amends and undertake rehabilitation to enable them to contribute positively to society and break the cycle of offending.“Projects like Skill Mill, which give young people mentoring and qualifications, are invaluable in preventing the cycle of offending behaviour. I’ve been delighted to meet the young men involved in this project and to hear about the benefits they feel it has brought to their lives.”

Barry Coppinger, PCC Cleveland. 

 “It has been proven over many years that gaining skills, training and employment are critical in reducing reoffending and enabling young people to move on and live more productive lives.In creating the Skill Mill Ltd, Newcastle YOT and the Environment Agency, has not only recognised this, but also provided an opportunity for young people to payback the community by improving the natural environment, which we can all benefit from.Furthermore the offer of a job and training is only open to those who have shown commitment to the reparation programme and successfully completed their sentence, recognising the importance of rehabilitation and a positive attitude to change.”

Frances Done, Chair of the Youth Justice Board. 

What people say about us

 “We are very excited to be offering young people employment opportunities through Skill Mill Ltd. Environmental management can be extremely rewarding work – as well as offering long-term career opportunities, it can be very fulfilling to know that you are helping to improve the environment for people and wildlife.“In addition, this Skill Mill project will serve the wider community by teaching important skills and coordinating environmental work with local aspirations. Community involvement in environmental projects is a huge help to us in achieving our goals.”

Marie Fallon, Area Manager at the Environment Agency. 

"I wasn’t expecting to end up getting a job, I wouldn’t of done if it wasn’t for Skill Mill. It’s been good working with Gary and the other lads. I’ve enjoyed it. I’m lucky to have had the chance to do the AQA as well because you don’t just get to do things like that. Skill Mill is a good working environment. I'm really looking forward to starting my new job at Balfour Beatty.”

Former Skill Mill employee, now working at Balfour Beatty.

"Gro-Organic have recently worked with young people from Skill Mill to clear up and develop an over grown green space for adults with additional needs and tidy up gardens for local residents who are unable to themselves. The young people who worked with us did a thorough job. I was really impressed by their professionalism and the care these young people took. Thank you so much for all your hard work and we look forward to working with you all again soon."

Tal Arrowsmith at Gro-Organic C.I.C.

“Residents at Percy Hedley are very happy with the new decking area... 

I was initially apprehensive about taking on the volunteers as I have to consider the vulnerability of the service users on the site but I thought the staff who supported the group were very good and the volunteers did a great job, we would be happy to support this type of working collaboration again.”  

Jayne Taylor at Percy Hedley.

"I’m really happy with the works, from start to finish, the ease of meeting with you to discuss what I require and the swift response when quotes are returned. When I’ve met with the team, they have always been pleasant and enthusiastic about the works they are doing, the completed jobs are on par with the works previously completed by Contractors, who have 20+ years in the business, I would 100% recommend using Skill Mill for any future works."

Durham Allotment Officer.

"I have just met one of your supervisors with two young lads doing some gardening and cleaning of an overgrown area near my home in Rochdale. What a brilliant job they were doing. The young lads were so respectful and enthusiastic. I spoke to their supervisor who explained to me what they were doing. I just want to commend you on what you are doing, and the man I spoke to was such a brilliant mentor to them, he had such a good rapport with them. 
Thank you so much for the great job you are doing."

Michelle Spencer, member of the public.

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