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Environmentally Friendly Sanitiser

Our brand new sanitiser is now available to order. We have sanitiser for both surfaces and hands, available in a range of sizes. 

We are listed as a PPE supplier by Social Enterprise UK and all of our products are environmentally friendly. 

Our range is co-produced with our partner organisation Nordic Products. It is manufactured to the highest environmental standards:

- Ethanol content 73.5% and therefore exceeds the Government’s recommendation of 70% to protect against COVID19 infection.

- The hand sanitiser contains surgical quality glycerin (glycerol) to protect the user's hands from drying out even if the product is used several times a day.

- The production process is residue free, nothing is allowed to enter the drainage systems.

The product is made from bio-spirit used in the food industry, which has been denatured to make the product unfit for drinking.


Please email if you would like to place an order.


Surface Sanitiser 

Sanitiser 4.png

Our surface sanitiser is now available in 5L and 1L containers. 

Hand Sanitiser

Sanitiser 5.png
Sanitiser 3.png
Sanitiser 2.png
Sanitiser 1.png

Our hand sanitiser is now available in 5L, 1L and 100ML containers. 

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