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    Our Regional Partners    


                                   The Skill Mill                                     

The River Health Project


Our team are working with Northumberland Rivers Trust on 'The River Health Project'. The project will work on the rivers Lyne, Wansbeck, Blyth, Pont and Seaton Burn and activities will include tree planting, building fish passes, and improving river footpaths. The project will provide improved access to green and blue spaces for the wider community,  which in turn will contribute to improved physical and emotional wellbeing. 



Guided Nature Walks


The team have been able to share their knowledge with members of the community who came along to organised nature walks. The walks have been a brilliant opportunity for our young people to build their confidence, and take pride in the work which they've been involved with. Well done #teamSkillMill!


Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) Training


The team have attended an in-depth course which covered Construction Skills including gaining their CSCS cards. CSCS cards provide evidence that an individual has engaged in appropriate training related to construction, many construction sites require staff to hold their cards. This is a great addition to our young peoples CV's, and a fantastic confidence boost! Thank you to Geon Training for running the course. 


Fish Passes 


The Coquet Vision project aims to create 20 fish passes to help salmon and sea trout. Fish passes give fish a route around an artificial barrier in the river such as dams or weirs. They work by allowing fish to move up to a higher water level above a barrier, via smaller, more manageable steps. To work effectively, the fish pass needs to direct the flow of water through the structure so that it is not too fast or too turbulent for fish to comfortably swim through. The team have done an amazing job working together on the fish passes, and developed a range of transferable skills. 


Coquet 2020 Vision


The Coquet 2020 Vision project was supported by the Green Recovery Challenge Fund to run between November 2020 and March 2022. The core targets were to employ a team of young people via The Skill Mill to build 20 timber fish passes, plant 6000 trees, clear 20km of river and stream of litter and run 20 guided nature walks.


Northumberland Zoo

Northumberland Zoo is an up and coming family-run animal not-for-profit collection in the heart of Northumberland. The park currently has 17 acres for visitors to explore with over 100 species of animals to see. The team have been involved in a number of tasks around the site, and are looking forward to their next visit.


Hedge Planting

The team have been doing a great job of planting hedges. Our team in Durham have also been planting hedges in another location; and between the two teams, over 1km of hedges have been planted in just 1 week!

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Induction with the Northumberland Rivers Trust

#TeamSkillMill have attended their first site induction with the Northumberland Rivers Trust. The team are looking forward to taking part in a range of tasks over the coming months. 

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