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RAF Lakenheath

Images of recent jobs carried out at RAF Lakenheath. Painting fences and sheds instantly refreshes outdoor space, making gardens more attractive and enjoyable. 

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Memorial Bench Update

An update on the memorial bench which our team have designed and created. We are delighted to see the end result of a very special project. Well done #TeamSkillMill


Joinery Projects

Our young people have been developing their skills by working on their own joinery projects. The basic function of a joiner involves the provision of essential construction services for building structures. Joiners use their craft skills to express creativity and materialise their ideas. Absolutely fantastic work from our team, and finished products which they should be really proud of. 

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RAF Lakenheath

The Skill Mill are working with EQUANS UK to create more opportunities for our young people. The team in Norfolk have been fence painting at RAF Lakenheath, a Royal Air Force station near the village of Lakenheath in Suffolk. Here are some images of the team inspecting their work the day after. Well done #teamSkillMill. 


Memorial Bench

The team have been designing and building this fantastic memorial bench. Such a special and thoughtful way to remember a loved one. We can't wait to see it finished. 


World Cleanup Day

Norfolk Skill Mill carried out a cleanup of a local beach as part of World Cleanup Day. The Skill Mill was the lead organisation for World Cleanup Day throughout the UK again this year. Our Norfolk team done a fantastic job of promoting the event, and supporting the World Cleanup Day movement. 

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Water Tank Installation

The team in Norfolk have installed a water tank at Swaffham Aallotments. When full, the tank will weigh approximately 1 tonne so the base needs to be structurally secure! Well done #teamSkillMill.


Picnic Benches

The team have been busy building picnic benches! The benches are a great addition to outdoor spaces, giving members of the community somewhere to socialise whilst spending time in nature. Seeing the finished benches being used is a fantastic confidence boost for our young people. Well done to all those involved - they look great! 

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