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World Bee Day 2022

World Bee Day 2022 is being celebrated on Friday 20th May.

According to the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA), the public can help bees by planting bee friendly plants in their gardens and encouraging their councils to plant wildflower meadows and leave grass verges alone to allow wildflowers to bloom.

Here in the UK May is a busy time for beekeepers who are tending their bees and watching them progress into strong colonies and often bringing in a spring honey crop - depending on the weather and forage available.

During May BBKA also supports 'No Mow May' where the public are asked to not mow their lawns for a month to allow wild flowers to grow and provide pollen and nectar as food for all pollinating insects.

The Skill Mill is committed to protecting natural habitats and managing woodland sustainably. Tree planting, habitat building, vegetation cleanups and litter picking are just a few of the activities which are frequently carried out across our teams. The image above shows The Skill Mill Surrey engaging in a talk led by a local Bee Keeper.


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