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The Skill Mill Northumberland get hands on with Chainsaw training

Our team at The Skill Mill Northumberland have been busy in recent weeks adding more strings to their bow with a chainsaw training course!

Chainsaw training is vital in the forestry, arboriculture and tree surgery industries and can be a huge draw for employers when they see someone has this skill on their CV. We’re hoping this training will open a number of exciting opportunities in the future for our Northumberland team.

Some of the jobs our team may go on to do include:

Forestry workers: Forestry workers are responsible for the management of forests and woodlands, including planting, maintaining, and harvesting trees. Chainsaw training is essential for safely felling and processing trees for commercial use.

Arborists: Arborists are trained professionals who specialize in the care and maintenance of trees, including pruning, shaping, and removing dead or hazardous branches. Chainsaw training is a crucial part of an arborist's skillset, as it allows them to safely remove trees that pose a risk to people or property.

Tree surgeons: Tree surgeons are also trained professionals who specialize in the maintenance and removal of trees. They may be called upon to remove trees that have been damaged by storms, are in danger of falling, or are obstructing power lines or other infrastructure. Chainsaw training is essential for tree surgeons, as they need to be able to safely remove trees from tight spaces and at height.

Landscapers: Landscapers may also require chainsaw training, particularly if they work on larger projects that involve the removal of trees or large branches. They may also need to use chainsaws to shape or sculpt trees for aesthetic purposes.

Chainsaw training is necessary for these jobs to ensure that workers can operate chainsaws safely and efficiently. This two-day course could be just the start of a future career for many of our teams not only in Northumbria, but around the UK!


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