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Liverpool's Youth Offending Service (YOS) rated 'good' with some 'outstanding' a

Following an official inspection, Liverpool’s Youth Offending Service (YOS) has been rated as ‘good’ with some ‘outstanding’ areas. The judgement means that Liverpool becomes the first Core City in the country to be classified as ‘good’ by HM Inspector of Probation.

A team of probation service inspectors and researchers visited the Liverpool site during March and looked at every aspect of its work. The Skill Mill is one of the services which runs at Liverpool YOS.

The inspectors noted: “We were impressed with the quality of the work done with children and young people to reduce their likelihood of further offending. There was a good range of structured programmes available, and inspectors found clear evidence of children and young people participating in those programmes".

In Liverpool there is a declining trend for custodial sentences being given to young offenders. The latest figures show that the number of young people in Liverpool who go on to re-offend after an initial offence is also down by almost 8% year-on-year.

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